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Precious snail mucus is collected on the Zdravlyk farm in Ukraine

27.12.2019 14:51:45

What is mucin useful for? And who produces snail dry mucus powder?

Zdravlyk farm is located under the Dnieper. The company is not only a member of the European Trade Association of the Cosmetics Industry, it is the only one in Ukraine that has a full production cycle of snails and collects snail slime using its own technology.

Mucin snail slime is the most expensive product of snail farming – 1 gram of such dry matter (lyophilized snail mucus) on world markets costs from € 25.


There are several technologies for selecting snail mucus: chemical and mechanical. However, the Ukrainian company uses its own technology for the selection of mucus «Zdravlyk-mucin», which is completely physiological, the company’s website said in a statement: https://zdravlyk.prom.ua/.

 Aluable snail mucus containing collagen is selected exclusively from the Mediterranean snail Helix aspersa Muller and Helix aspersa Maxima. And it is this snail that is grown industrially, on farms.

After selecting the mucus, the snails are transferred back to the farm, and the mucus is filtered. A feature of the technology is the complete absence of water in a pure substance. This is a high quality product.

 The pure substance is the unprocessed snail mucus, which is used mainly by local companies because of the short shelf life of protein (up to 20 days - auth.). Industrial use is made of mucus extract - lyophilized mucus, dried by vacuum. From 1 kg of snail mucus, 5-10 g of dry matter of virtually pure mucin, a white and very light powder, can be isolated.

Snails, which are used to produce mucin for cosmetics, do not suffer and do not die during its selection.

Zdravlyk company, the only company in Ukraine having a full production cycle and offering snail slime and lyophilized snail slime to world markets for industrial use

Zdravlyk company plans to release in 2020 wet cosmetic wipes, impregnated with natural clean snail mucus. It will be natural very effective Ukrainian cosmetics from snail mucus. After all, Mediterranean snails from Ukrainian pastures of Zdravlyk farm. The company invites investors for the project.

What is mucin useful for?

Mucin is a source of Alantoin, Colagen, Elastin, Glycolic acid, Peptide antibiotics, Vitamins A, C, E; amino acids lizin, methionine, threonine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, valine, histidine, tryptophan; Proteinogenic amino acids: Argіnіn and Lіzin.

And the «Zdravlyk-mucin» technology allows you to maintain the full concentration of mucopolysaccharides (35%) – they are the main component of mucous mucus, with a strong moisturizing effect on the skin, and they are an important carrier of food elements under the skin. A feature of the technology is the complete absence of water in a pure substance. This is a high qualityproduct!


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