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Snail mucus – is relevant in the world

23.03.2020 10:24:53

Snail mucus collection equipment, snail secretion technology «Mucus pro».

Snail slime is now widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetology industries.

The mucus of the Mediterranean snail Helix aspersa is mainly used.

It is she who, in her unique protein Mucin, contains: Allantoin (min 4,66%), Collagen (min 3,44%), Elastin, Glycolic acid (min 0,52%), Hyaluronic acid, Peptide Antibiotics, Vitamin A, C, E; amino acids: methionine, threonine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, valine, histidine, tryptophan; Proteinogenic amino acids: Arginine, Lysine.

As you know, the most high-quality mucus, with a high content of mucopolysaccharides, is secreted by the snail in stress.

The snail does not like acidic environment, salt, vibrations, weak currents.



The device Mucus pro, for a very short time immerses the snail in not very comfortable conditions – into the atmosphere of ozone, with ozone 50g per 1 hour, according to a special ozonation scheme.

Light vibrating movements bring down the mucus into the drum pan and the finished product, the pure snail mucus is already ready.

After a while, having a rest and gaining strength, the snail can again give new mucus.

The device «Mucus pro» extracts mucus without reagents and chemicals in a natural way. You get pure snail mucus without water.

The total bacterial load in the mucus of the cochlea is less than: 100 CFU/g (average after Mukus-Pro: analysis less than 10 CFU/g).

The cost of the technological process Mucus pro – only electricity (about 1 kW per hour).

The industrial equipment for the release of snail slime «Mukus pro» of the «Bulova» Company is 8 times cheaper than existing analogues, and the cost of production is minimal, and the price tag for equipment starts at $ 4800.



Equipment models: Mucus pro 1.5 (snail loading 5 kg, pure mucus yield 1 kg), Mucus pro 2.15 (snail loading 15 kg, pure mucus yield 3 kg), more powerful models: Mucus pro 2.30, Mucus pro 2.45.

Innovative equipment for the production of snails secrets «Mucus pro», characteristics:

1. The process of natural secretion;

2. Pure product – without water and chemicals;

3. In the cost of production – only electricity;

4. High yield of finished product (mucus) up to 20% by weight of mollusks;

5. Shellfish will be alive and after a while can produce new mucus;

6. Patented technology.

7. The increased content of mucopolysaccharides;

8. The degree of ozonation of the medium is up to 50 g/hour;

9. Peptide bonds are not destroyed.

Mucus pro equipment can be bought in Europe (Poland, Ukraine), North America (Canada), from authorized representatives (franchisors), the production time for any model is 40 days, with an advance payment of 40%. The equipment is delivered by DHL or pickup.

Unified, internal quality control for all countries is ensured.


+48 22 602-24-94


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